Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

School is going to start again in about three weeks (I'm a full time student), and so far I haven't enjoyed much of summer. It's been so hot here for weeks that no one could get much done outside. Now that it is finally cooler, I'm going to sit on my porch with the cool view in these pics, and do a little watercolor painting.

I took these pics last night as the sun was going down. This is the view from my front porch, and as you can see, my front yard looks out on pastures with horses, miniature horses and to the far right where the barn is, there's two cows and a bull over there. They're out of sight in these pics, but they are there. All in all, I think my neighbor has ten horses (give or take a few) and a donkey, plus the cattle. I'm growing carrots for them in my little garden and in a few weeks, I'll have some corn stalks for the cows. The dog is my shepherd, Bella. She has pollen scattered on her face and she's waiting for me to throw the ball for her.

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